Teichert Meissen

Starting as a wood stove factory in 1857 in the town of Meissen, the factory set up by Carl Teichert ventured into producing porcelain in 1879. His brother Ernst Teichert first worked for the factory but started a porcelain factory in Cologne himself. Later, in 1930 the two companies merged under the name of Teichert Werke Meissen. The brand is also known as ‘Stadt Meissen’.
The company owned the rights to call their wares after the town that was already synonymous with porcelain for two centuries, even though they later moved production to what is now the Czech Republic. Although they were successful with some of their own designs Teichert Werke was mostly successful in copying Meissen wares for the mass market. They made hand painted Zwiebelmuster

in enormous quantities but for a better price. Some of their wares, like their fine white porcelain decorated with hand painted flowers, can equal the best wares of the ​Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur Meissen.
The fact that all Teichert is hand painted to high standards, and often antique makes their wares very collectible.

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