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Studio Line or Studio Linie is a sub brand of Rosenthal. The brand was first introduced in 1961. The brand was to produce Rosenthal’s more modern design porcelain. Philipp Rosenthal started a design studio in 1960. The studio was a huge success as it has worked with some of the most famous designers of its day. Some of the most famous porcelain designs of the 2nd half of the 20th century can be attributed to Rosenthal Studio Line. Designers include: Bjorn Wiinblad, Salvador Dali, Walter Gropius, Raymond Loewy, Victor Vasarely, Tapio Wiirkala and Paul Wunderlich.

The brand still exists today, very much following the concept started in the 60s: to let the most influential designers of this age to express their ideas about fine dinnerware.

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