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Rosenthal currently produces high end tableware under a variety of brand names, including ‘Rosenthal Classic Rose’ for its classic designs, ‘Rosenthal Studio Line’ for its modern designer porcelain and ‘Rosenthal Versace’ for its amazingly successful cooperation with the Italian fashion label. Older wares however are simply called ‘Rosenthal’ and you will find them here.
Rosenthal was founded in 1879 by Philipp Rosenthal. The company was based in Selb, Bavaria. The Jewish Rosenthal family was gradually disowned by the Nazi regime, but in the 1950s the grandson of Philipp, also called Philipp retook control over the company. He grew Rosenthal into the success it is today. Focussing both on classic wares and state of the art designer porcelain the Rosenthal factory made something for every kind of household.
The consistently high quality of their mass produced wares makes them a favourite with anyone looking to buy good, long lasting but also elegant dinnerware.

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