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The name ‘Meissen’ is synonymous with porcelain. In the early 18th century the Chinese secret recipe for making porcelain was successfully discovered by Von Tschirnhaus and Böttger in the castle of the Saxon town of Meissen. A manufactory was established that made wares that were so coveted and expensive that only the highest nobles in Europe could afford them. In the years after the discovery Meissen designs can be categorised into three categories. The first is very plain wares with amazing painted designs, mostly by or after Johann Höroldt. Somewhat later, very sculptural dinnerware emerged that did not feature much painting, these wares were designed by Joachim Kändler. And actual sculptures, mostly also meant for featuring on dinner tables, again designed by Kändler. 
From these three separate traditions the Meissen manufactory, but with it the tradition of the whole of European porcelain grew.
The Meissen manufactory managed to stay relevant throughout 3 centuries and during this long period it managed to continuously be on the forefront of developments. From priceless early 18th century wares to more modestly priced Zwiebelmuster, Meissen is there for every budget. It is however always made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and production.

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