Arabia Finland

Arabia is an iconic and highly influential Finnish dinnerware brand.

The brand was founded in 1873 as a subsidiary of Rörstrand. The first Arabia factory was set up in Arabianranta, a district of Helsinki. In 1932 the factory radically changed direction from making more traditional wares to a company making very modern designer dinnerware when Kurt Ekholm was appointed as director.

Throughout the second half of the 20th century Arabia became the leading scandinavian brand for designer porcelain. Amongst famous designers working for Arabia are: Kaj Franck, Birger Kaipiainen, Ulla Procopé, Esteri Tomula, Tove Slotte and many more.

Arabia is unique in the sense that the wares they made in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s feel like they were made yesterday. Not only because of their timeless design but also because of a compromiseless quality.

The brand is still very much alive today. Some of their famous designs are still in production whilst others can only be found on the secondary market.

Available Series:

  • An Arabia 24h Round Serving Platter.
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