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In 1845 Carl Tielsch founded a porcelain factory in the then German, now Polish town Altwasser (currently called Wałbrzych).

Lorenz Hutschenreuther founded his porcelain factory in 1857, he later acquired his father’s porcelain factory founded in 1814.

In 1932 the Tielsch and Hutschenreuther merged. The company held factories in Selb, Altwasser and Arzberg. Tielsch was still produced in the Altwasser factory.

After the second world war the town of Altwasser fell under the Polish government and the factory was nationalized. Production continued there under a different name.

Hutschenreuther kept producing wares under the Tielsch name in their factory in Arzberg until somewhere in the 1950s. This pattern, named 1097 is an example of such wares.

1097 is an attractive design of spring flowers and gilding on ivory coloured porcelain.