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The Faïencerie de Gien was founded in the eponymous town of Gien in the French Val de Loire district in 1821.

Whilst at first producing everyday wares the factory started developing a more artistic practice around the 1850s.

The factory had a very tumultuous history up to 1875. Before this year the factory changed ownership many times and was also destroyed by a flood of the Loire river.

After 1875 the name current official name Faïencerie de Gien was adopted. It was also around this period that the production of tiles was started. Many tiles in famous Parisian subway stations are made by Gien. This part of the factory was discontinued in 1980.

The factory is still active and very productive. It is doing a great job in keeping the heritage of French Faience alive. For this effort it was awarded with the Living Heritage Company label.