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‘From the old, take the well tested. From the new, take the best’

Rosenthal is the most influential dinnerware brand of the post war period. Before this period the brand already had commercial success. The brand was founded by Philipp Rosenthal in 1887.

Philipp was the son of jewish china merchants. He was born in Germany but spent most of his youth in the US. He returned to Germany as a buyer for a Detroit based departmentstore. Dealing with prominent factories like Hutschenreuther he decided there was more profit to be made in producing wares.

His first commercial success was Maria, a very well known shape named after his first wife. Quickly afterwards Sanssouci was launched which was equally successful.

Philipp fled Germany in 1935 leaving a company that had grown to 5000 employees. He died two years later at the age of 82.

His son Philip, named not quiet after his father, raced to reclaim the factory in 1945. He struggled with the difficulties of post war Germany but eventually managed to take the company to new heights.

He understood the changing demands of the western world’s growing middle class like no other. His father’s motto (mentioned above) was implemented with much success. Sales of Maria and Sanssouci were still strong but contemporary designers made large ranges of designs for more modern tastes.

In 1974 the brand split into a few sub brands, namely ‘Studio Line’ and ‘Classic Rose’. Items we brand as ‘Rosenthal’ are from before this period, items produced later are listed under the individual sub-brands.