Apponyi Green

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Apponyi Green

In 1839 the pottery factory in the eponymous town of Herend came under the direction of Mór Fischer, who saw a market in providing high end porcelain to Hungary’s upper class.

This was an instant success and in 1867 Herend was present at the Exposition Universelle in Paris. There Herend presented a new pattern then called Indian Flower Basket.

The design was spotted by the Hungarian Count Albert Apponyi, a well known politician and aristocrat. He comissioned Herend to modify the pattern in a number of single colour versions.

Herend Apponyi was made in blue, green, purple, pink, maroon, orange, turquiose, yellow, gray and lilac.

The pattern is arguably Herend’s most well known and popular. It has been continuously in production ever since.