Haviland Limoges

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Haviland Limoges

Haviland was founded in 1842 in Limoges by David Haviland.

David was a visionary businessman from the United States looking to establish a factory to supply the need in his home country.

He saw the potential of the Limousin region. Since inception of porcelain production in France a century before the white clay needed to produce porcelain was mined here. The thick forests of the Perigord provided fuel for the kilns and the town of Limoges provided workers.

The company was an instant success and remained on the forefront of trends throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Whilst a lot of Haviland was indeed exported to the USA the French and the rest of Europe became very eager markets for the brand as well.

The company is still active and still producing both traditional as well as modern wares of the highest quality.