Dennis Chinaworks

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Dennis Chinaworks

Dennis Chinaworks is a ceramics workshop based in Somerset, England.

The workshop was founded by Richard Dennis OBE and his wife Sally Tuffin in 1993.  They produce a limited amount of exquisite hand thrown pieces with a team of four ceramic artists.

Richard Dennis is known from the synonymous publishing house whilst Sally Tuffin is known as a fashion designer and lead designer for Moorcroft.

The techniques used by Dennis Chinaworks are similar to Moorcroft although the designs are quiet different.

All Dennis Chinaworks is made from hand thrown earthenware. The pieces are decorated using a technique called slipcasting. A drawing is made by using thin lines of liquid clay. This network of embossed lines is then painted with bright pigments.

We offer a wide range of some of Dennis Chinaworks best designs.