Bernardaud & Cie

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Bernardaud & Cie

Bernardaud & Cie is one of France’s prime producers of fine porcelain.

The company originated in Limoges in 1963 and was founded. The company originally carried the name Delinieres & cie, after Rémi Delinieres. In 1895 Léonard Bernardaud became a partner in the company. In 1900 the company was renamed him: L. Bernardaud & co.

Léonard Bernardaud was a smart entrepreneur. He had great success with a system of selling directly to the American market, without middlemen.

His sons, Michel and Jacques led the company in the tumultuous period between 1920 and 1960. They focused on modernising the company, for example by purchasing a gas fired tunnel oven as early as in 1949.

The company is still led by members of the Bernardaud family and still produces a wide array of luxury porcelain.