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Arabia Ruska was designed in 1960 by Ulla Procope. Ruska is Finnish for the brown colours that appear in fall.

Ruska has been one of the best selling Arabia designs. It was produced from 1962 to 1999.

Ruska is made using a unique process of applying iron oxide pigment in powdered form to matt glazed clay. The result is a somewhat unpredictable glaze in different shades of brown. The colour runs from reddish brown to almost black. The process makes that every piece of Ruska is unique.

This process also makes it impossible to apply any marks before baking the piece. Therefore Ruska marks are often painted on, making the marks especially prone to wearing off partly or even completely. Some older Ruska pieces were never marked, but they are unmistakably Ruska.

The unique process also makes for a uniquely hard and wear prone surface, which makes Ruska more suitable for daily use in comparison to other Arabia wares.

The strong and bold design in combination with the rich and deep colour scheme makes Ruska one of Arabia’s timeless designs.