Wedgwood – Moss Rose- Fruit Bowl

13 cm
Perfect Condition


Wedgwood Moss Rose fruit bowl.

Perfect Condition
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About Wedgwood – Moss Rose- Fruit Bowl

Moss Rose is one of many decors available on Wedgwood’s classic Edme shape.

Edme was designed by John Goodwin for the French retailer Pannier Frères in 1908 and was soon also sold by Wedgwood directly. The popularity of Edme exploded in the post war period. It was also in this period when Wedgwood started producing Edme with several different decors.

Moss Rose was launched as early as 1945 and was in production until 1993. The design consist of a rose branch with two burgundy coloured roses.

As the elegance of the Edme shape is very well highlighted by this decor it continues to be very popular.


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13 cm
Perfect Condition