Wedgwood – Blue Jasperware – Lidded Box

10 cm
Perfect Condition


A Wedgwood Blue Jasperware Lidded Box.

Perfect Condition
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About Wedgwood – Blue Jasperware – Lidded Box

Josiah Wedgwood was both a famous inventor as a brilliant marketeer. He invented or perfected many types of pottery still popular today.

In the 1770s he invented Jasperware, a further development of the process he used to make Black Basalt, a similar typo of stoneware he invented earlier.

Jasperware was made using pigmented clay that was fired on high temperatures.

Wedgwood understood the demands of his day and most early Jasperware designs are in the neo-classicistic style. Many more contemporary pieces are also very classicistic in their design, although more modern pieces also exist.

Japserware is extremely durable and also non permeable, this means that although the surface is matte it cannot stain permanently. It is also dishwasher proof.


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10 cm
Perfect Condition