Royal Boch – Boerenbont – Soup Plate

25 cm
Medium Condition


A Royal Boch Boerenbont soup plate

Medium Condition
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About Royal Boch – Boerenbont – Soup Plate

Boerenbont is the most well known and most used dinnerware type in the Netherlands.

Boerenbont means ‘Farmer’s Colourful’. Many similar versions exist, but the most common design is simple, consisting of leaves in blue, with a yellow and red flower and leaves in green. This standardized version evolved from a tradition of loose and simple painted earthenware in the Netherlands and Belgium.

All Boerenbont is made of off white earthenware. Most Boerenbont seen today is made either in Maastricht, the Netherlands or in Belgium. When made in Maastricht it is by Petrus Regout, later called Sphinx and Société Céramique. When made in Belgium it is made by Royal Boch, also known as Boch la Louviere or Boch Freres (which is unrelated to Villeroy & Boch).

Because the there is no copyright on the pattern many other manufacturers have made it but the bulk is from the aforementioned manufacturers. Their wares are also always hand painted.



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25 cm
Medium Condition
Surface Wear
Hand Painted