Rosenthal – Sanssouci ‘Grey Rose’ – Milk Jug

320 ml
Perfect Condition


A Rosenthal Sanssouci Grey Rose Milk Jug.

Perfect Condition
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About Rosenthal – Sanssouci ‘Grey Rose’ – Milk Jug

Rosenthal Sanssouci is one of Rosenthal’s iconic classic designs.

The design was taken from the ceilings of the Sans Souci palace in Potsdam. Philipp Rosenthal got permission from Kaiser Wilhelm II to use the design.

Sanssouci was first produced around 1880. It was a success for a while but was dropped in 1897. However, it was produced again in 1926 and has continuously been so ever since.

Sanssouci has been produced in both white and ivory coloured porcelain, both plain and with a huge variety of decorations.

The Grey Rose design consists of a lovely pattern of roses in grey with pink accents. Items are made of white porcelain with gilding. Grey Rose was in production between 1971 and 1986.

Before 1974 Rosenthal was produced under one label, afterwards Sanssouci was produced under the Classic Rose label. Sanssouci was slightly different before 1974, therefore we make a distinction. This item is from before 1974.



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320 ml
Perfect Condition
11 cm
Before 1974