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Ludwig Wessel – Red Fibre – Antique Bowl

13.5 cm
Perfect Condition

An antique bowl made by Ludwig Wessel in the 1890’s featuring the Red Fibre pattern.

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About Ludwig Wessel – Red Fibre – Antique Bowl

Ludwig Wessel was one of Germany’s largest porcelain factories in the 19th century.

Most porcelain production was concentrated in Saxony and Bavaria, Ludwig Wessel was the exception as it was located in Bonn.

This bowl is decorated with a pattern that was originally produced by Mintons. Mintons called it Red Fibre and it was also known as Red Seaweed or Coral Red.

The pattern features a fine decoration of red coral with gilded rims. The bowl is made of porcelain and is completely hand painted.

This item wase made in the 1890s, making it very rare and antique.



13.5 cm
Perfect Condition
Bone China