Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you based?

We are based in Heemskerk, the Netherlands. From there we ship worldwide.



Is everything you sell used?

Yes, all items are vintage. However, not all items have traces of use. In the item description the condition is always mentioned. If it says perfect no, or a negligible amount of use related wear is present. 


Dinnerware is fragile, can you really get it to me safely?

We specialise in packing even the most fragile items. We have developed a nearly plastic free method that guarantees safe delivery. We do not save on packaging materials. We take into account all the kinds of shocks and stresses that a package can endure in the shipping process and protect the shipped wares accordingly with ample packing materials. 


What happens if my order still arrives broken or gets lost in the mail?

All our shipping is insured. Your order will be refunded.


If I change my mind, can I return the items?

Yes, we have a 14 day return policy.


Do you buy items as well?

Yes we do. But do keep in mind that 99% of what we buy comes from within a 300km radius around Heemskerk. Please send an email to with clear pictures for a quote.


Why is your website in English?

We have rare and sought after items, it would be a shame to keep them from most of the world. 






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