An unusual Rosenthal Set

Every now and then you run into an item that is truely unique. This lovely little set by Rosenthal is such an item.

It’s an early 20th century set made by Rosenthal in Germany. Rosenthal’s wares always consists of a shape and a decoration. The shape is called Monbijou and is not very unusual. The decoration is called Copenhagen. The Copenhagen pattern is most often executed with images of flowers and only rarely with portraits. The decoration is a very obvious homage to the lovely wares of the Royal Copenhagen factory. Decor in different shades of blue is what Royal Copanhagen excelled in. This vase is a good example: Link

The rarity is only increased by the perfectly executed silver mounting. Silver was sometimes used to hide damage but the silver mounting on this set must have cost far more than replacing it so I don’t suspect the porcelain to be damaged underneath.

I have been unable to find other silver mounted Monbijou so my best guess is that it’s a further homage to Royal Copenhagen, where silver mounting in this period was much more common, commissioned by the owner. The combination is simply stunning and highly unusual.

The set is available over here: Link

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