Paulus Porcelain is a specialised dealer in fine vintage and antique porcelain.
We aim to offer a wide range of replacements for those who are just a cup short of a complete set of dinnerware. Next to this we offer complete sets of dinnerware and a wide range of collectibles.
The platform was launched in 2017 by Marnix van Boetzelaer, an art historian with a background in contemporary art and antiques. 
Please do visit our website frequently as our inventory is growing quickly.
How can you ship fragile porcelain around the world?
We are experts in packing precious and very fragile items. We do not save on packaging materials. We take into account all the kinds of shocks and stress that a package can endure in the shipping process and protect the shipped wares accordingly with ample packing materials. 
Where are you based?
We operate from Heemskerk, The Netherlands. From there we ship worldwide.
Are the items I’m buying in a good condition?
Unless items are antique or otherwise exceptionally valuable all items that come in are checked for chips, cracks and surface wear. All items with chips, cracks or excessive surface wear are immediately discarded. Almost all items we sell have been used, so some surface wear is acceptable to us, but is always mentioned in the description. Antique or exceptionally valuable items with defects have the defects photographed and described in the description.
Are sent items insured?
Yes, they are, and any items that are damaged or that have gone missing in the post are refunded. We do ask for images of damaged items for insurance purposes.
Where does your expertise come from?
We read a lot of books and keep them around for reference. 
I want to know more about an item, how can I contact you?
We have a chat function on our website, just look in the lower right corner. Also you can email us at
I can’t find something I’m looking for on your website, what should I do?
Contact us. We’ve been successful in tracking down items for clients in the past. If we can’t find it we won’t charge you.
I’m looking to sell something I think you might be interested in, is this possible?
Yes, please send us an email at with good photos and I’ll respond with an offer. 
I’m a dealer myself and I would like to purchase wholesale amounts, is this possible?
Yes, we offer a good price on larger amounts. We also offer shipping on pallets, which is substanially cheaper when buying large amounts.