Meissen Pink Rose – A Homage to the Unknown Painter

Not many of you know about my former career as a gallery owner. I used to exhibit and occasionally sell high end contemporary art. It was a lovely job and off course it included working with a lot of painters.

In a way I still do work with painters. Take for example the beautiful Meissen Pink Rose paintings above and below. They were all made in the second half of the 20th century. But coming from different sources I can quiet confidently say that the chances the same hand painted some of them are slim.

The paintings I used to work with were, to a larger or lesser extent, personal statements from a single creator. They were expressions of emotions or artistic ideas. There was a concept behind them that justified the way they looked or were made. They were extensions of a personality.

These carefully painted roses however are devoid of authorship. I a world where individualism and our sacred right to realise our potential are just that; sacred, they are refreshing. Their lack of personal statement and their complete dedication to tradition makes them sympathetic and very non-threatening.

There is a fine balance between the small freedoms the skilled artists who created them allow themselves and the rigid rules that are a necessity when creating an instantly recognisable pattern. A bit like the individual flowers on a rose; with enough individuality to stand apart but enough recognisability to be identifiable.

I wanted to say this in appreciation of the anonymous labour that went into making these amazing items.


You can find our Meissen ‘Pink Rose’ here: link.


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